Who we are

United Securities Limited (USL) is a Securities & Exchange Commission Licensed provider of securities register and data administration services. USL began operations in the last quarter of 1995. In January 2008, Access Bank Plc in a bid to diversify its financial service offerings, while at the same time provide superior investor experience for its shareholders and other investors, acquired USL. This singular event remarkably transformed USL into a data management firm that could easily take on big ticket transactions requiring huge investments in infrastructure and human capital.

USL is perhaps the most innovative provider of securities register and data administration services in the Nigerian capital market. Having been a veritable training ground for key players in the registrar services industry, former USL staff currently hold major positions at many registrar outfits. 

Vision and Winning Proposition

At United Securities Limited, our vision is to help our clients fulfil their obligations to stakeholders including investors and regulators in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner.

Our Mission is to provide cutting edge data management, corporate and investor services to entities and their component stakeholders across all sectors of the economy, delivered in an enabling environment by motivated and empowered people.

Corporate Governance

Our board comprises professionals who have been and have played major roles in the financial services industry.