Web Registry: This is an on-line platform that allows shareholders access to their shareholding accounts with United Securities Limited. Shareholders upon activation are given their unique logon details containing a username and a password.

Electronic Vote: This is an electronic device used at general meetings and special meetings for voting and poll administration and reporting.

USL Teleconference: This is a web based solution that allows shareholders remotely participate during general meetings within the comfort of their homes or offices.

Consolidated Dividend Service: Also known as Pre-Advice files or Mandate Pooling, Consolidated Dividend Service is a service designed to streamline the dividend payment process for participants with designated accounts. Payment instructions will be applied automatically across subscribers` accounts and information on dividend payments on these accounts can be generated electronically and presented to the institutions ahead of the dividend payment date.

Electronic Dividend Card: This is a dividend prepaid card that allows direct crediting of dividends due to subscribed shareholders upon declaration. The card can also be used for payments, withdrawals on ATMs and accreditation at general meetings, It is a means of confirming shareholdings & dividends status.